The Different Attitudes Towards Travel

Topics: China, People's Republic of China, Mao Zedong Pages: 5 (1898 words) Published: June 16, 2011
Final paper: Different Ways to Value Travel
There is a Chinese proverb “Read many books and travel a long way”. In Chinese culture, knowledge and travel are both regarded as the ways to broaden people’s horizon. Or, more accurately, travel is more valued because in this way can what we learnt from the books be tested and verified, which is the Chinese perspective of traveling. However, in Eat Pray Love, Elizabeth Gilbert approaches travel abroad from a more instinctive approach, following her own interests and desires, which means she didn’t read much before she traveled and this might be the typical American view of traveling. In order to make Chinese audience understand EPL better, Elizabeth Gilbert is supposed to present American opinion about traveling so that they could compare and get an insight into what she wrote. In my final paper, I would mainly expound from what Elizabeth Gilbert’s perspective and mine towards travel. American—The people who love travel

From Eat, Pray, Love, it’s not difficult for us to discover that American value travel very much in their leisure time. Unlike Chinese, American just enjoy the process of traveling, in other words, they do not attach too much meaning on traveling because it is regarded only a single part of one’s life, normally they may have no plans like Elizabeth Gilbert do—knowing almost nothing about exchange rate and transport, or, more generally, what he or she should do next. As a Chinese American writer puts it, “The meaning of travel is to be vagrant” which I couldn’t agree more. Traveling occupies an important place in American spare time, it is a government rule that state organs and enterprises should set up two holiday plans for every staff each year, which gives lots of time for American to travel. Why American value travel so much? Historically, American was a typical migratory nation. Early immigrants would came to the new world after a long journey, then they settled down as soon as they arrived the eastern US, however, adventurers and merchants choose to explore the west American , which was followed by a large-scale migration from the eastern region. Even nowadays, American people wouldn’t like to live in a certain place for a long time. To sum up, they have a tradition of travel. When it comes to the way American travel, I suppose it should be called “going on vacation”, for example, during the holiday, it’s impossible for you to get the e-mail reply from your professor or supervisor because he or she is enjoying the leisure time, that is to say, normally American are not likely to mix business with vacation or holidays, which is totally different from Chinese. Elizabeth Gilbert—A Soul-Searching Travel

In the eyes of many, Elizabeth Gilbert was a woman who had all that a woman deserves—a loving husband, a warm home, and a great career—but Elizabeth Gilbert did not have any joy in such life which might be envied by others. She became confused when she realized what she originally pursued—a group of children and a husband—were not she wanted at all. In her early 30s, she locked herself in her bathroom night after night, crying on the floor over the state of her marriage. Then one day, she declared not to be controlled by marriage and decided to end up her marriage, to travel, to discover the future which belongs to her. Sometimes one realizes too little too late that they haven't got what they truly wanted from life, when that moment arrives, few have the strength to face their souls, to give up what they already have and to seek what they really wanted like Elizabeth Gilbert did. “I wanted to explore one aspect of myself set against the backdrop of each country, in a place that has traditionally done that one thing very well,” Gilbert wrote, and she really did. She found her ego in the new life journey in Italy, India and Indonesia. At her first stop, Italy, Gilbert acquired psychotherapy. It was true that when she first arrived Italy, pain remained...
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