Motivational Letter

Topics: Mind, Thought, High school Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing this letter in order to show my interest in applying for a bachelor’s degree in Law. The main reason for applying is that I am convinced that Maastricht University would give me such academic preparation, knowledge and practical experience of working and collaborating with people of same thoughts, by discussing, analyzing and solving real cases. I am fully confident that I have the ambition to be a successful lawyer, because of my leadership, resourcefulness and willingness to help people solving their problems. Not many young people nowadays start to think about their future careers before they reach 9th or 10th grade, but I was that kind of a kid. Ever since I was ten, I frequently thought of who I could be after graduating from high school. I discovered that I wanted to be a lawyer because I enjoyed working in groups and had a strong sense of justice. Almost a decade later, my intentions have not changed. I have pored over books like “Lincoln lawyer”, “Oliver twist” and articles about the most high-profile cases to figure out what it takes to be a successful lawyer. And I often put what I had learned into practice by defending my friends who got in trouble. The most interesting story, regarding this was when I tried to prove, that I my friend was not involved in the breaking of window in a house next door, my proofs were certified and the friend was later acquitted. This situation made me think, that I am capable of defending people around me. I see myself as intelligent, strong minded, communicative and equitable person. I always wanted to achieve good things in my life: to finish school and university with good grades, find a good job and make the world a more just place. I have developed skills to make quick and right decisions, which would be good for myself and for people I support. In order to test my skills, I participated in a mock trial on a political science lesson, it went really well and I have learned a lot of new...
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