Ethics, Responsibility, and Integrity.

Topics: 2009 singles, Writing, Virtue Pages: 3 (785 words) Published: February 7, 2013
Ethics, Responsibility, and Integrity.

Brandy Blevins


University of Phoenix

US/101 Introduction to University Studies

Instructor Curlie McDaniel

As a student I understand the importance of personal responsibility and the need to stay focused in order to achieve my goals, the need to uphold academic honesty so that others can have trust in me, and the desire to enhance my reading, writing, and study skills so that I can get an education to improve myself as a member of this community. I am big on intuition when it comes to making a decision, so I take it on faith that my intuition is right and hope that others won’t take advantage when I am compassionate. I have a tendency to expect more from others than what they able to give. When it comes to concerning making decisions I am able to use an open mind while avoiding making impulsive decisions that could cause harm to my friends or family. I believe it is important for others to have integrity and have Ethics, so that I can trust others to be honest and work just as hard as I, to succeed not only as a student but also in life as well.

I believe in the equality of others in order to ensure the well being of everyone. So when it comes to concerning a “code of conduct” it is a spectacular way to ensure that everyone has the same set of rules that they must abide by. According to my ELI (Ethical Lens Inventory) I prioritize sensibility over rationality. I believe each situation should be looked at differently in order to achieve the best results. So If someone were to go against the “Code of conduct” it would be a good idea to look at why. Everyone has a different understanding when it comes to concerning things because of the way they were...
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