Significant Event in My Life Essay

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  • Published : February 22, 2011
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Vesna Bejdic
December 10th, 2010
UNI 101
Final Draft
Most Significant Event in My Life
Life seems to take many twists and turns that somehow mesh into each other to form a chaotic knot of happenings. All of these occurrences are supposed to shape you into a wiser more experienced person. Many people can even pin point the exact moment in their life which was forever changed by a single event. When that event happens it becomes an unforgettable memory for you and teaches you a lesson that becomes one of the basic guidelines in your life. The event that forever changed me and was most significant to me was when I decided what I planned on doing for the rest of my life; choosing my major. I knew exactly what I would plan on doing my freshman year of high school, and that was working with kids who are less fortunate. I didn’t know what category that fit under, but that’s because I didn’t end up worrying about my major until the end of my junior year. I began putting all the pieces together of what I love doing and I figured out my career would be working as a Social Worker. I chose Sociology as my major in college and never second guessed it. There are many reasons as to why I decided this will be my future, but the main ones are my own passion, my teachers’ experiences, and the feeling anyone gets when they help someone they don’t know just because they want to, not because they’ll get something out of it. That, itself, is reward enough.

It all started when I did my first volunteer project in my freshman year of high school. What we did was re-model the girls’ bathroom for my school over a one week period. Even though it didn’t necessarily involve less fortunate kids, it still gave me a sense of pride and accomplishment knowing I helped an entire school full of my friends. At that point, I started thinking about my next service project and couldn’t wait to volunteer again. Before that, I always thought I would be the type to become a lawyer because I loved...
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