Motivational and Organizational Culture

Topics: Management, Motivation, Employment Pages: 3 (883 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Motivation and Organizational Culture
Cassandra Clyburn
HCA 250-The Psychology of Health
December 9, 2012
Ebony Thomas
Axia College

Motivation and Organizational Culture
When you first start a job you have fears of being able to fit in, your nerves are on edge and if you are a supervisor or manager you have many more fears as our subject Ayame Nakamura may have had. She is a Japanese immigrant who is fortunate to have landed a position as a Project Manager for a pharmaceutical company. Her work ethics differ from what she is being accustomed and the management style, which is confrontational, makes it difficult to receive feedback and affects her motivation. In the Japanese culture when one works for a company they develop a sense of family. “In the context of ‘‘company as family,’’ ‘‘taking one’s responsibility’’ (sekinin o toru) means above all accepting the burden of membership in the group. By carrying out their responsibilities, managers allow the group to survive and prosper, in an engagement that is both implicit and reciprocal (Jodeschini, M. (2011).” However, on the western civilization side our companies take on different approaches and styles within corporations. As a child when you do something good such as receive good grades your parents or caregivers would give you praises first and then probably some sort of reward for your accomplishments. On the other hand, when you were disobedient you were probably punished or have had some privileges taken away from you but the first thing that happened was that you were confronted and probably not allowed to have much to say. In a company where the style is confrontational it probably means that when an employee was not working up to par they were spoken down in a condescending manner and felt stripped of their self-respect, thus feeling little or no loyalty to the company in which they are employed. Ayame not being use to her new companies confrontational style will have to learn to adapt...
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