Motivation in a Non-Profit Organization

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Course: Orgalization & HRM in Services with focus on motivation Table of Content

Problem statement3
Inductive and deductive approach4
Quantitative and qualitative data4
Primary and secondary data4
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs5
Self-determination theory6
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs9
Self-determination theory10
Future implications12

In Denmark voluntary work is a big part of the culture. According to 1,5 million Danes worked as voluntaries at one point during the time from January this year and up till now. A big part of them were young people. A study made by (Den frivillige sektor i Danmark, s. 53) showed that a third of the young people in Denmark in the age of 16 to 25 had worked as voluntaries. These young volunteers typically work or study or do both. Therefore the time to voluntary work is limited. In practice they only have a few days a month to voluntary work. But working as a volunteer is not the same as building a business based on it. This synopsis seeks to capture the motivation of three young graduate students who decided to start the nonprofit organization AktionDK. AktionDK is a newly opened nonprofit organization. AktionDK is a voluntary organization that specializes in events of different kinds. These are both cultural events and events for the less fortunate in the society. Each year the government budgets millions which are planned to be used for cultural campaigns and events. These events are to be targeted to people of all nationalities and cultural backgrounds. To avoid any corruption the government is obligated by law to give any company a chance of getting a slice of the capital that is budgeted to manage the different events. AktionDK’s only source of capital is the public budget provided by the Danish government. All the employees in the organization are volunteers. The three founders consist of graduate students from different backgrounds, cultures and with different competencies. Combined there competencies include business law, communications, economics and service management. Regardless of their solid educational backgrounds they lack real business experience. Problem statement

Due to the global crisis it has been hard to find any jobs, and thereby hard for students to get the working experience needed to strengthen their profile when entering the corporate world. This has forced the graduate students to get the experience in other ways. One way is to get the experience trough voluntary work ( There has been an increase of students in the voluntary sector the last couple of years due to the problem stated earlier (Rapport: Den frivillige sektor i Danmark). But it is a huge step to go from working a couple of days a month in a nonprofit organization and opening one yourself for the same reasons. This step have the three graduate students in our case taken, we find it interesting to analyze what motivated them to do so and how to increase the self-motivation. What motivated the three graduate students to establish the nonprofit organization AktionDK? Methodology

Inductive and deductive approach
The Interview with one of the representatives of the organization is processed with an inductive approach. It is an approach which is based on empirical data gathered for this particular case (Andersen, 2006, p 51). The inductive approach can be past experience or as in this case, experience gained from the interview we conducted. The rest of the analysis is deductively oriented, using theories which form the basis for explanations and predictions. It is a method where the project is presented to the theory that provides an increased understanding of the different motivational factors. Quantitative and qualitative data

A project can consist of quantitative and/or...
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