Motivating Workers in Their Early Twenties

Topics: Motivation, Management, Goal Pages: 3 (753 words) Published: December 1, 2012
Business Management
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Michael Dahan

Frequently throughout ones day, one hears how much different this generation is than the one preceding it. In business it is very important for a manager to realize that it is different and to adapt to its new and young workers. One of the most important skills for a manager is to be a people person. It is the least common trait and most important one in a manager. This article sheds light on a few important things to keep in mind when managing a worker in his early twenties.

One of the first things one has to do is to get the young workers used to his way of thinking and making decisions. Often managers tell over goals or changes to his employees and do not give any details more than what is necessary. When it comes to young workers, the insignificant pieces of information are often the most significant pieces to tell him. Young people in todays generation do not work as hard when they are plainly told to do something as they do when they are explained a mission. Also, telling over the insignificant details will get the employee used to the manager’s way of thinking which will then help the employee throughout his career working for this manager. It will make him understand better where the manager is coming from in all of his moves.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that younger people tend to have bigger egos. Managers should take this into account and make their employees feel good about themselves. Make them feel cared about. Whether that means calling them on their birthday, asking them important questions, or rewarding them in public. Making them feel good is crucial in that a happy worker is usually a better worker. Send a young worker on an important mission immediately, one that is not too difficult, but one that takes effort to accomplish. This will help them realize that contrary to what they may have grown up believing, they can indeed accomplish on their own. A...
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