Week 10 Amba 640

Topics: Management, Project management, Customer service Pages: 3 (970 words) Published: April 21, 2012
AMBA 640

Executive Summary –
This paper emphasizes the importance of Project Management, Operations Management and Information Systems Management at work place. It gives brief problems from my work place – Verizon Federal Network System. All three management are important to the company and it represents company indirectly.

Managerial Problems –
Managing people is not easy, because everyone is an individual personality and everyone has their own opinion. Everyday people face different problems and challenges. These problems maybe small or big, but those problems need to be solved. Every individual has his own characteristic to portray. Variation of individuals should be taken into consideration in managing them. Factors like timing, place and situation would work well with managers. These everyday problems related to managing people are called managerial problems. Verizon is a big company; same as every company, Verizon too is being facing managerial problems. I work for Verizon Federal Network Systems, and I work in a group where there are nine people including one manager. Like every leader, we do have managerial problems. Project Management –

Under our group every individual has allotted a Task Order (projects), which means we are responsible for managing our own project. All Task Orders are similar, but different in sizes. Everyone has a different way of managing his or her own projects. The sub-contracts on the projects are different. Some sub-contractors give vague or every changing requirement those are not realistic. Being in a financial world, those change in requirements are not acceptable. Being a Project Control Analyst, communication skills are must or required. We need to communicate every little thing to our Project Managers. Some people in our group have limited communications skills, which leads to a problem. Communication is not only required at work but it is a very important skill in todays world. Communication can be done by...
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