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Topics: Kick, Martial arts, Flexion Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: March 10, 2013
REF: Roundhouse Kick [] 3D Inverse Dynamics Analysis of Martial Arts Circular Kick []

Results Discussion and Analysis
1. When the kicker begins the kick, his hip extensors of the kicking limb (H1) work positively to extend the hip until toe-off at t=0.28 s. After slight delays, the ankle plantiflexors (A1) performed positive work to push away from the floor; at the same time the knee flexors (K1) actively flexed. 2. After the leg is in swing (at t=0.28), the hip flexors acted to flex the hip (H2). Very close before contact, the hip extensor moment dominated to stop hip flexion and extend the knee and foot towards the pad. On the other hand, the knee flexors transition briefly to eccentric work, preventing over extension of the knee. 3. The martial arts circular kick exhibited pre-stretching, large concentric flexor and extensor hip powers, large ankle plantiflexor power at push-off. 4. Same time the circular kick did not exhibit identical recruitment patterns as soccer kicking or the karate front kick. It differs from the other kicks for having distinctly different kinetic characteristics.

Figure 1. Flexor/extensor angular velocities (top), moments (mid) and powers (bottom) of ankle (left), knee (mid) and hip (right) of the kicking leg

Martial Art Circular Kick, sometimes being called the roundhouse kick, is a kick that the attacker swings his or her leg around in a semicircular motion. The circular kick is very effective in inflicting damage to the opponent, a properly executed Muay Thai circular kick has been compared by many martial artists to being struck by a baseball bat. [pic] [pic] Circular kick is utilized in many different martial arts, and has many variations. It differs by the leg movement, the height of the strike, or the striking surface. For example, in Karate and Taekwondo, the striking surface is the ball...
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