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Discuss how Nacho Duato uses spacial elements to further the intent in ‘Jardi Tancat’

Jardi Tancat was created by a Spanish choreographer named Nacho Duato in 1983. It was his first work which when translated, means ‘enclosed garden’. This work shows the cyclic lifestyle of the working class, Catalonian people who live off the land. Their everyday life consists of praying to God for rain as the are in desperate need of water to grow crops and working on the land using ploughing movements. It also shows the hardships they face through the use of motifs. The spacial elements that Duato uses are dimension and shape, and floor patterns and pathways. These are used to further the intent in ‘Jardi Tancat’.

Dimensions and shapes are used throughout Nacho Duato’s choreographed piece, Jardi Tancat. The cross shape is performed with one female who is lifted off the ground with 2 males on either arm for support. The females legs are straight, closed parallel and pointed towards the floor. Because the Catalan folklore has been strongly influenced by Roman Catholicism, they mimic the shape of the cross which is a significant icon to followers of christianity.

Another shape performed throughout the dance is the use of circles. This movement is manipulated by using the arms, legs, turns and lifts. For example, in the section where the dancers perform in partners, the first couple shows the circular shapes. Both the male and female turn (similarly to a passe turn). The right foot is pointed, then weight is transferred to the right leg (demi pointe). The left leg is raised towards the back and bent at the knee. Both legs are parallel during the turn. The arms are bent to the elbow, hands are clasped together and move in a circular motion above the head. This movement is manipulated differently to show the same intent which is to emphasis on their cyclical, never ending struggle of their desperate need for rain.

Another spacial element used to further...
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