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  • Published : November 13, 2012
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* Brent Justin Anabeza
* Professor Gross
* Speech 122 MW
* 9-26-12
Specific Purpose: To teach audience a proper golf swing


Attention Material: Question audience, “Has anyone played golf in here or actually plays golf?” Relate topic to audience: As we get older, we get less active and many people cannot play physical sports or don’t have that stamina that we have at our age to run around and do whatever. Learning a proper golf swing is the stepping stool in the golf world and the beginning of getting into a game that can teach you patience, manners, and relieve your stress. Credibility: I am currently being taught by the head pro and I also have been playing golf for a year now and have been working at golf course for about 5 years. Thesis: Today I am going to teach the difference between a proper and incorrect golf swing Forecasting: I will teach you the basic steps and important points of a golfswing. First is the grip, then proper stance, correct ball placement, the back swing, the down swing and follow through. Show video of Charles barkleys swing


Transition: Now I will be getting into explaining a proper golf swing.

I. Grip- Make an L with your left hand and place the club in your palm with the three fingers holding the club down. Now place your thumb in right and lock your pinky with index finger of your left hand. * -According to Zain Pervez PGA apprentice, a correct grip on the club usually allows the ball to be hit further than in correct grip.

Transition: Now that you have your grip down, I wll now explain a proper stance.

* II . Proper stance- A proper correct stance will allow a better chance to hit the ball straight A. Place the club on the ground in front of you with your legs spread about shoulder width apart. B. Now slightly bend your knees so that your knees are directly over the balls of your feet and not over your heels or toes. C....
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