Mothers Know Best

Topics: Mother, Family, Father Pages: 3 (1040 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Mothers Know Best
The effects a person has on another can mean much. These effects can either make or break that individual. Having a prestigious strong mother is the best thing anyone could want in his or her life. Everything my mother taught me lives within me today. She’s a hard working women and she influences me to work even harder. The way she take care of her family prepares me to do the same when I start my own family. Being a single parent caused my mother to build this unique bond with me that I’m grateful for. Her view on the importance of education motivates me to never give up. Her support gives me strength and she takes pride in everything I do. My mother has to be the most influential person in my life and the effects she have on me will truly make me a better person in life. My mother started teaching me as soon as I was born. She felt that teaching children when they are very young is one of the most important activities you can ever do as a parent. Reading books was the norm for us. I learned how to read and pronounce big words at a very early age. In school I use to love having spelling bees because I was really good at spelling words aloud as well. Being able to read and spell made me feel great because kids my age wasn’t on the same level as me. My mother also felt that just spending time with me is educating me. She always told me that children whose parents don’t spend time with them end up doing the wrong things in life. I didn’t understand why my mom wanted me to learn at an early age for and I always told her that I will learn in school and that she didn’t have to teach me. But she made it clear that yes I will learn in school but I will only excel because of what I already know. Everything my mother taught me lives within me.

Having two jobs and being an only parent has to be a challenging task. My mother is a hard working women I truly don’t understand how she does it. All the obstacles she’s been thru in her life just...
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