Most Successful Team Experience

Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: June 19, 2011
My most pleasant and successful team experience

The company that I work for uses a processes improvement tool called PPI (Practical Process Improvement), its similar to six sigma and lean manufacturing, etc. The steering committee had chosen me to facilitate one of those projects. It was related to reducing the number of days required to solve customer complaints, something that was well outside of my scope. Fortunately, facilitating does not require the facilitator to be familiar with the project or have the subject matter knowledge and experience that the team lead or consultants would have.

The dynamics of this team were amazing, it was the easiest and smoothest flowing team I’ve been on. Team morale started high and stayed high throughout, not one team member left the team or became disengaged, none of us felt burned out, despite that the length of the project was quite long and the workload was on top of our day-to-day work. When brainstorming, they all added input and I didn’t feel like any one team member was left out or did not have their voice heard. It was really successful, not just the end result or the deliverables at the end of the day, the process itself and the way in which we arrived at the outcome was fantastic. Having said that, we didn’t quite meet our goals because they were set quite steep. Regardless, I would still consider it a successful endeavour. What’s more, I would venture that if I asked the rest of the team the same question I would receive the same answer. I have since never been on a team like that.

My most difficult and unsuccessful experience

I don’t remember working on any project that really stands out as my worst experience. I’ve certainly been on teams that included some difficult individuals, but nothing jumps out at me where I could definitively say “this is the worst team or project I’ve been on”. Generally speaking, I’ve been on teams where one or more of the team members had a very difficult...
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