Daily of a University Student

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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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We didn’t do  much work this week, good news after such long time waiting for suppliers replying, finally we got really exciting and promoting respond. They provided really attractive and exciting offer to us which including training skills provision, pottery design, activities management etc. that was pretty promoting part in this process. However, I found we asked too many people and looking for what our business should concern, keeping talking and explaining our business idea, it seems too far to implement. It just too many info need to take in. it was a little hard to organise again and again. Good job we have changed o us about watching our finance part. Then we just realised we have lots problems need to be sorted out. But good news is we don’t need to feel confused to our business plan any more such as market target. As Anna pointed out this is social business, we still need to focus on how to make profit to Heely farm. This is the first time I feel we are doing a task and this is so called we can make profitable or not is the key to lead successful business. I think I had a really good time being in this group, because they are so positive and ambition, I can see their passion when we working together since someone absent in earlier weeks. Otherwise, I believe to work group out is very hard, sometimes I am concern our efficiency to our work. However, if I do believe, think this is group work; we need to all work for it, try our best to contribute for it. I cant wait to see we are going to kill this work.
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