Property Preservation Proposal

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Project proposal:
“Property preservation”
AB (MBA 3rd)
Submitted to:
Sir Shabeer Haider
Submitted by:
Marium Liaqat 10012720-006 Gull Afshan 10012720-004 Shumaila bano 10012720-029 Anum Khalid 09041020-018 Amir Shehzad 10012720-022

New business plan

We are student of entrepreneurship and we are going to start a new business project given by our respected Sir Shabir Haider, so we are presenting our business plan which includes following contents:

Business idea
Goals an objectives
Opportunity assessment
Risk and returns of opportunity
Opportunity versus personal skills and goals
Competitive environment

Business idea:
Our business will provide service to preserve assets and property and people who wants to rebuild their old property will be provided services such as preservation, maintenance, repair and rehabilitation etc.

Goals and objectives:
Following are the goals and objectives of our project.
Preserve assets
Provide employment opportunities
To provide maintenance facilities
To provide repair and rehabilitation facilities
Profit maximization
Quality service
Use of new technology
Preserve country’s assets

Opportunity assessment:
Opportunity assessment in our business idea takes place
Banking sector:
Public sector

1.Banking sector:
In banking sector property is used for mortgage. •Mortgaged property:
Financial problems lead toward foreclosure that cause homeowner to become angry cause damage to the property while leaving it. They may also remove securely installed items such as kitchen cabinets and wardrobes. With such damages property cannot be expected to fetch their market value so lenders require such services to renovate these properties. 2.Public sector:

Many customers require to renovate their property which is damaged from any accident like fire etc. we will provide services to that customers who wants to renovate, maintenance of their property.

Many companies are providing houses but not renovation facilities should also be provided to the customers.

These days it is hard to find labor. So to hire labor individually for maintenance, renovation and rehabilitation they have to bear greater cost. We will provide services from renovation to furnishing property at reasonable cost. Does opportunity exist or not?

With the help of evaluation of these aspects we have an opportunity to start a business which will provide services for the preservation of assets and property. It will create a greater demand in the future and also beneficial for the banking and public sector. We will make contract with the banks and also other customers what they want from us. We will provide services from maintenance to renovation of the property on reasonable market rates.

Target areas:
We will provide services in cities like Gujrat, Gujranwala and Wazirabad and other areas where banking companies have property on mortgage. From banking sector so as it will be helpful in growth of our business.

Creation and length of opportunity:
Our business is long lasting as it is related to the preservation of property. Now a day everyone wants to renovate their house or property so as to make it reliable. We will provide services for maintenance of old property. Bankers have to make mortgage property in better condition for the selling purpose. Keeping all these points in view there is an...
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