Most Big Cities Have Terrible Traffic

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Most big cities have terrible traffic
In present-day society, the human race is progressing at an unprecedented rate in a multitude of arenas, accompanying all the boons brought about by profound societal changes have come some sufferings. And terrible traffic in most big cities is very prominent among them.

As is widely accepted, traffic congestion has long been problems of concern and complaint in big cities. In fact, most big cities have 135 traffic accidents everyday. The numbers of people the world each year form the traffic accidents about 25million to35million,injureabout3ooo.( in the crowded unbans areas, such as: in Chain Shanghai, people have to wait hours for the bus or undergrounds. However, when it ultimately arrives they are dismayed to find it is full of passengers. And the only thing to do is to squeeze them into the bus and they just look like sardines in the can. When you on the way on rush hour, you have spent more than 2 hour before as the same road.

We should solve this traffic problem quickly to relieve the traffic congestion. I think the best way is the government should be limited the number of private cars in urban areas while the number of public buses should be increased. For instance, Like Beijing the most other big cities the private car should be restricting the number. According as the date different number of car can go outside. And severe punishment for break traffic laws. In terms of public transportation, we should increased at rush hour or holiday months. Additionally, when we use public transportation, we help reduce air pollution and traffic jam.

Accompanying expanding population, traffic congestion is the most terrible problem in the big cities. We increased the number of public as is widely accepted, traffic congestion has long been problems of concern and complaint in big cities. Buses it is high time that we took quick and effective actions to...
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