Mosquito Reppellent

Topics: Insect repellent, Mosquito, Dengue fever Pages: 1 (274 words) Published: March 14, 2013
July 17, 2012
I chose this project because a Fabric conditioner mosquito repellant made up from natural mosquito repelling plant which is Oregano that will be made as oilthat will remove the health problems caused by com¬mercial mosquito repellents and other fabric conditioner mosquito repellant. Oregano and lemongrass are easy to find and very common and also if this project succeed this can be profitable for business and can encourage others to look for other use of our country's natural resources. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

Can the oregano oil and Downy fabric conditioner be an alternative fabric conditioner repellent? •Will the combination of Downy fabric conditioner be appealing to other even though more of us don’t like the scent of oregano? •Will the Oregano oil as the natural mosquito repellant last longer and still be effective even though it will be mix to Downy fabric conditioner? OBJECTIVES

To make an oregano oil that will be mix to Downy fabric conditioner that will be an alternative fabric conditioner repellant •Have an alternative solution to prevent the different kind of dis¬eases that mosquito brings especially dengue fever and not cause another problem. •Make use of the natural resources of our country to solve common problems caused by mosquitoes, especially dengue. •To have an alternative fabric conditioner repellant that will prevent different kind of diseases that mosquitoes bring especially dengue. HYPOTHESIS

The combination of oregano oil and Downy fabric conditioner will be a good alternative fabric conditioner repellant. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY
The importance of my project is that I’ll able to combine the oregano oil and the Downy fabric...
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