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Special Finishes For Textiles



Special Finishes or functional finish are the treatments that are applied to the fabric to make them suited for specific uses.

Paradise/Creacion is offering the auxiliaries for following treatments • • • • • •

Easy Care Finish Flame Retardant Finish Water Repellent Finish Soil Release Finish Hydrophilic Finish Anti Bacterial Finish.

Paradise Easy Care Finish


It is an acknowledged fact that cotton garments ensure maximum comfort thanks to their suppleness and their capacity to absorb humidity. The weak point of cotton clothing is its tendency to crease easily, which makes care of such garments more difficult, The tendency to crease is due to the to partially amorphous structure of the cellulose, which means that structural alterations can quite easily occur. Many weak molecular bonds such as hydrogen or Van Der Waals forces, which link together long cellulose polymer chains, can alter.

Siltex 30200/Resin
In order to limit creasing, Siltex 30200/Resin can be used which creates stronger (covalent) and more permanent bonds and reduce creasing to a large extent. This product can be used in conjunction with some other resins, polyethylene emulsions and silicone softeners. Assessment of crease resistance can be estimated in several ways: by measurement of the crease recovery angles and appearance of fabric after repeated home laundering



Fabric specimens are subjected to standard home laundering practices. Evaluation is performed using a standard lighting and viewing area by rating the appearance of specimens in comparison with appropriate reference standards (Rating 5 being the smoothest and 1 being the most wrinkled in appearance)

• • • • • Simplified Easy-care or Non-Iron garment care LOW Formaldehyde Range of Handles are Possible Compatibility with water and oil repellent treatment Very good stability to hydrolysis

Paradise Flame Retardant Finish:


Flame retardants reduce the likelihood of a fire starting by improving the resistance to ignition of potential fire sources. There is no doubt that they play an important role on textiles by providing safety and giving escape time from a potentials hazard. When a fire does start, flame retardants reduce the flame spread and the rate of fire development, providing valuable extra time in the early stages of the conflagration to extinguish the fire or make an escape. This is demonstrated* by comparing the rate of fire spread in a conventional Non flame Retarded upholstered chair with that of one manufactured using flame retardant to comply with the Upholstered Furniture Fire Regulations (1988) in the UK. Ignition was by a 30 W gas burner.



Under the conditions of the test the armchair containing the flame retardant fabric and flame retardant foam gives a significant increase in the escape time available. It is also far less likely to be ignited accidentally in the home. * Ceryf, Hurd, R., King D.a., EUROPUR studies on methods of test for the burning behavior of upholstered furniture, Cell..

Siltex 30261/FRC Siltex 30170/FRP Product advantages: Siltex 30261/FRC •

Durable Flame Retardant for cellulosic fibres Durable Flame retardant for polyester fibres

More Environmental acceptable product based on phosphorus and nitrogen chemistry, as opposed to products based on antimony and bromine. Provides a flame retardant finish for cellulosic textiles, durable to repeated washing and dry cleaning Meets standard flame retardant test specification and requirements. Prevents afterglow.

• •



• • •

Can be applied in combination with resins to give easy-care finishes. Can be combined with oil and water repellent finishes. Can be applied to cellulosic fibres such as cotton, viscose, linen and lyocell. Siltex 30170/FRP

• • • • •

Used for durable flame...
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