Morning Glory

Topics: Logic, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Mary-Kate Olsen Pages: 3 (603 words) Published: March 5, 2013
PHL. 2500 / Symbolic Logic / Oljar

Symbolization Practice (not homework or extra credit)
[sentences are from Patrick J. Hurley: A Concise Introduction to Logic, 9th edition, Wadsworth 2006]

1. California does not allow smoking in restaurants. (C)

2. Florida has a major theme park but Maine does not. (F, M)

3. Either AMC or Loews gives student discounts. (A, L)

4. Both FedEx and UPS deliver overnight. (F, U)

5. If Nintendo produces an alien game, then so does Sega. (N, S)

6. Nintendo produces an alien game if Sega does. (N, S)

7. Michael J. Fox will be cured if and only if stem cell research succeeds. (M, S)

8. Matt Damon comes to the party only if Ben Affleck comes. (M, B)

9. Mary-Kate Olsen does not appear in a movie unless Ashley Olsen does. (M, A)

10. Alabama restricts abortion rights only if Georgia and Mississippi do. (A, G, M)

11. If Hitler ran the Third Reich, then either Custer was killed by the Indians or Einstein discovered aspirin. (H, C, E)

12. The President supports campaign reform, and either the House adopts universal health care or the Senate approves missile defense. (P, H, S)

13. Not both Hertz and Avis rent limousines. (H, A)

14. Both Hertz and Avis do not rent limousines. (H, A)

15. Neither Mylanta nor Pepcid cures headaches. (M, P)

16. Either Mylanta or Pepcid does not cure headaches. (M, P)

17. Either Oregon does not allow same sex marriages, or if Nevada legalizes prostitution then so does Arizona. (O, N, A)

18. DMX abandons explicit lyrics if and only if neither Columbia nor BMG stops advertising. (D, C, B)

19. If either Eminem or Dr. Dre attend the charity concert, then neither Britney Spears nor Christina Aguilera will attend. (E, D, B, C)

20. If Iraq launches bioterrorist attacks, then either Peter Jennings or Brian Williams will report them. (I, P, B)

21. Either Ashanti or Beyonce will wear a red dress to the Grammys, but it is not the...
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