Articles of Confederation

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  • Published : November 1, 2012
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Unit 3, #1Name ____________________________
Date ________________ Pd ________

America’s First National Government—The Articles of Confederation

II. The Articles of Confederation
A. When Americans declared ___________________________ in 1776, they needed to form a new ___________________________: 1. They wanted to form a __________________________ where citizens ________________ for elected leaders to represent them 2. They wanted to __________________ citizens & individual states from a __________________________ national government B. Thirteen Independent States

1. When independence was declared, the 13 colonies became _______________________________________________________ 2. Each state had its own constitution, ____________________, & an elected governor; 8 states had ________________________ 3. But, the USA needed a national gov’t to do things that states could not, like sign ________________ & form a ______________ C. The National Government

1. America’s 1st national gov’t was the _______________________________________________________________ (1777-1789) 2. This “_______________________” style gov’t loosely connected the states under a __________________ national government a. Structure: Each state could send between 2-7 ___________________________ to the national ______________________, but each state had only _____________________________; To pass a law, ______________ of the 13 states had to agree b. Powers: The national congress could make _____________, settle disputes between states, negotiate _________________, handle Indian affairs, oversee a military; But all other _____________________ were left up to the ___________________ c. Americans did not want to re-create a powerful gov’t like the one they just fought the Revolutionary War to break away from; So, the national gov’t had no ______________________ & could not _____________________ the states or citizens...
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