Morgan Freeman

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Morgan Freeman
Actor, director, narrator. Morgan Freeman was born on June 1, 1937 in Memphis, Tennessee. As a kid, Freeman spent a good portion of his time scraping together enough money to see movies, where he gained an early admiration for actors like Gary Cooper, spencer Tracy, and Sidney Poitier. It was luck that Freeman himself got into acting. He was in junior high and, as punishment for pulling out a chair from underneath a girl he had a crush on, Freeman was ordered to participate in the school's drama competition. To his surprise, and probably school administrators, the 12-year-old proved to be an immediate natural on the stage, taking top honors in the program. But television proved to be a grueling and demanding life for Freeman. Despite some stage work, including a Tony-nominated performance in The Mighty Gents in the late 1970s, Freeman couldn't seem to get into movies like he wanted. A year after his divorce, Freeman's career caught a break when he landed a part as a crazed inmate in the Robert Redford film, Brubaker (1980). In 1987, Freeman's fortunes changed when he was cast in the film Street Smart, which placed the actor on the screen as the volatile pimp Fast Black. The role proved to be huge break for Freeman, earning him an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

In 2005, Freeman won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in Clint Eastwood Million Dollar Baby. In 2008, he his role as Lucius Fox in Batman Begins (2005) for the blockbuster sequel The Dark Knight, and the third The Dark Knight Rises. "I like being ecclectic," he has said about his film choices. "The more varied the better; the wider the range. I've been sucked into a kind of mold of a good guy and that's actually almost beyond my ability to control.” Freeman's eloquent, distinctive voice has also made him a natural for narration. His voice can be heard on such memorable films as War of the Worlds and the Academy Award-winning documentary March of the Penguins. While it may be...
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