Morals vs. Laws

Topics: Morality, Law, Human Pages: 1 (378 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Kerry king
Philosophy/Crit. Thought
Should Morals Become Laws?

What are morals that we try to make them into laws? Morals can be good or bad, and that means that morals are not always good to be made into laws. What is a good moral and a bad moral? That is the question that pops up when we want to have morals become law, and another question that shows up is should we make all morals into laws? Morals may be good or bad, and all that we have built up may be destroyed because of a person’s lack of understanding morals or interpretation of those morals. The other question that begs to be asked when making morals into laws would be how many morals are there in the US? Anyone can name anything as a moral and that can destroy the balance that was already made from the laws that are already in effect. There are so many morals one person may have or may not have. What happens when a person is not satisfied with the number of laws that are made from morals, or when a person is not happy that there are now too many other laws that have been made from morals? What are one person’s morals compared to another person’s?

There are too many morals to make into laws, and not everyone agree to those morals either. Morals are not always good enough either, and sometimes morals can just be unjust to some things. What happens when every morals becomes a law and are those even the right morals? There are so many different morals that some people think are too harsh or that some people think are not harsh enough. Yes, some morals have become laws, but that does not mean that all morals should become law. Morals are such that there is no one person that follows each and every person’s different morals. One person may have morals that another person may not have, or morals that are lighter or heavier than another person’s morals. My own morals may differ from the person sitting next to me and even my own sibling. Your own morals change as you grow, whether for good or...
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