Lord of the Flies and Laws

Topics: Law, Want, Kill Pages: 3 (1017 words) Published: February 21, 2013
What are laws and why do we need them? That is a question that is asked by a lot of people, so I’ll do my best to answer this question, using ‘the lord of the flies’ as reference throughout. Laws are those things that always surround us, almost wherever we go, they aid us, protect us, give us a sense of security and pretty much stop all those people that usually need to be kept in line. Laws are pretty much an extremely important set of rules that can have enormous consequences; in the move ‘lord of the flies’ there are two main characters who represent the two different sides of rules, Ralph and Jack, Ralph may represent laws and there keepings, but Jack represents a society without laws. Jack’s group in ‘lord of the flies’ starts off as part of the main group who want to go home after a plane crash resulting in them being stranded on an island, (This movie is set during a war of some kind(possibly the second world war) which means they may not be able to contact anyone) but after realizing that they may never get saved, they no longer have responsibility from adults and they actually like the island they, they neglect the fire that has been a signal for any passing ships to see and rescue them, so when a helicopter flies by, doesn’t see the fire because it’s gone out, there is an enormous amount of contention among the group, so Jack leaves with about half the group to another part of the island to hunt, and pretty much have an enjoyable time. Biggest problem is, without an adult figure or rules to keep them in line, they gradually turn to savagery, and violence, wearing blood on their faces, practically nothing and carrying spears with them everywhere. Over time Jack convinced or threatened almost everyone to ‘work’ for him. In their whole time on the island they kill two people, one in a frenzied state of excitement, and the other out of cold blood. Ralph’s group on the other hand is the complete opposite. Ralph is the first person to get some order on...
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