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  • Published: December 14, 2010
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Age: all ages

Walking on the Line

Walking on the Line is an exercise intended to develop equilibrium, balance and good posture as well as advance self-control, discipline and concentration. Refinement of these skills is achieved only after extensive preparation and practice. Walking on the Line should be introduced during the first week of class and can increase in difficulty as the year progresses and finer control of movement is achieved.

Rules and Guidelines for Walking on the Line:

the line must be clearly visible and free of any objects, including tables, chairs and mats, which can be arranged around or in the middle of the line but not on top of it the line must be in the form of an ellipse (contain no sharp corners, yet have parts which are straight) the line must be long enough to allow 10 - 12 children to walk on it without colliding with each other (the longer the better) when walking through the classroom, no one is allowed to step on the line children are free to Walk on the Line whenever they want, yet there are several exercises which must be performed with the guide Walking on the Line should be performed as often as possible, especially for the first three to four month when it should, ideally, be performed every day

a tray or a basket
a bell
bean bags to be placed on the head
a small bag with a weight on a string
flags from different countries
glasses with water
a candle in a holder

Presentation (to be presented to a group or all the children at once)

Exercise 1:
invite the children to come and sit around the line in such a way as to leave space between them explain that you will demonstrate how to stand on the line
place both feet on the line pointing into the ellipse keeping the back erect and the head in an upward position select three or four children and invite them to stand up
invite the children to stand on the line, inside the line, outside the line invite the children...
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