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Topics: Monterey, California, Monterey County, California, Monterey Bay Aquarium Pages: 4 (1612 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Whenever I tell someone that I am from California I am automatically asked about palm trees, the sun, hot weather, tanning, the beach, richness, etc. However, it’s not like that for me, I’m not from San Diego or Santa Clara, I’m from a small town in Central California with a population of about thirty thousand people, Monterey and it is a popular tourist attraction. The weather is about the same year round, between 60-70 degrees. It is rare the day we get up to 90 to 95 degrees. On those days it is as if I did life in San Diego. When we get out of school, everyone goes to the beach. We spend hours there, girls mainly tanning while the boys skim board, surf, swim, or play beach volleyball. At night we’ll set up a bonfire. We don’t do this only on the hot days, it does not matter what day of the season it is well set up bonfires all the time. It was a great thing to do at night, laying by the fire, drinking, smoking, eating, making smores, etc. Monterey is mainly known for its marine life. It has one of the biggest aquariums in North America. Monterey Bay Aquarium gives many scientists access to different marine life for research. It just opened a new Jellyfish exhibit and a year or so ago remodeled the Open Sea. The aquarium has two main parts, the open sea and the ocean’s edge. In the open sea you can see the Puffins, the Jellies Experience, The Secret Lives of Seahorses, and an Auditorium. Where as in the Ocean’s Edge part of the aquarium you can see the Kelp Forest, the Habitats, Penguins, and even the Touch Pools. There is no student in the Monterey County who has not been to this aquarium, I know this for a fact because every first grader goes to the aquarium as a field trip. The teacher gives each student a clipboard with a worksheet on it. Then he class is broken up in to groups and each has a chaperone and an aquarium guide. As everyone walks around, the students must fill out the work sheet. Every student covers every inch of the aquarium, from the otters...
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