Money in Our Live

Topics: Money, Health, Want Pages: 2 (715 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Money in our live

Money in our everyday life is very important indeed. We need money to buy food and to pay our bills or lesures. In this modern world, most of the things that we want, material or otherwise, can be obtained in exchange for money. Without money, one's life can become a misery. It is thus not surprising to find that many people place money making as their top priority in life. This attitude is fine as long as they remember that there are other facets of life in which money is not required. Quite often money cannot buy these things at all. Take for example, one's health: money can buy the best medical care available, but if free basic attention has not been paid to one's health which is allowed to deteriorate, there will come a time when no money in the world can return one to good health. I, for one, prefer to be healthy than rich Nevertheless we do need money. So it is wise for every able-bodied person to do some sort of work so that he or she can be paid for the work done. Subsequently, he or she can spend the money buying necessary things I suppose that the work-in-exchange-for-money practice works well in general. However for some people, the lure of money becomes overwhelming. Greed blinds them and they spend their whole life pursuing money. The methods employed in this pursuit are not subject to any law or reason. As long as they make profit, they will do it even though they might hurt themselves and make enemies in the process. Time and again we hear stories of people caught up with this money-madness. The millionaire who dies of starvation, the miser who would rather freeze than spend some money on heating, the woman who stuffs her money inside her mattresses only to lose it all in a fire—the list is endless. All these are examples of people who have allowed money to be the most important thing in their lives. They started out trying to make a living. They ended up forgetting to live. Most people that I have met lament about money, or...
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