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We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give

Society now in days seems to be more focused in making a living rather than making a life by what we give. Although they both may seem similar, putting more thought into the meaning will show that it is not. Life seems to consist of these two things. Both making a living and making a life have a similarity with a career, money, and enjoyment. When making a living, people focus on having a career, money, and enjoyment. Even though they might despite their job and not have a single interest in it, it does not matter as long as they have money to get by. When it comes to money people seem to want the most they can have, but when someone is settling for less they will not have as much as they desire. They will have enough to pay their bills and buy things but not everything they may want and need.

People get too focused on making a living to try to get by that they forget to enjoy themselves, especially if they do not have money to waste. If a person enjoys traveling, they most definitely will not be doing that since they do not have a career they like and especially since they only have enough money to get by. All the accumulation of not having money can become stressful to someone and enjoying themselves is that last thing on their mind.

All in all, people can support themselves, making a living, by getting money and possessions. That is not enough. People make their lives worthwhile by giving to others.
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