The Patroit

Topics: American Revolutionary War, Army, Nathanael Greene Pages: 3 (747 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Essay: The Patriot

The Patriot was a movie about a man named Benjamin Martin, a French-Indian war hero who is obsessed by his past. He was a patriot, who does not wants part in a war with Britain nor support the war. During the American Revolution in 1776, Benjamin Martin called to Charleston to vote in the South Carolina General Assembly on a levy supporting the Continental Army. Benjamin avoids it due to the fear war against Great Britain. Captain James Wilkins votes against and joins the Loyalists. Benjamin's eldest son Gabriel immediately signs up to fight, without his father's permission and joins the Continental Army.

Some years later, Charleston falls to the British and a wounded Gabriel returns home carrying dispatches. The Martins care for both British and American wounded from the nearby battle, before British Dragoons led by a ruthless Colonel William Tavington arrive and arrest Gabriel. When Benjamin's young son Thomas tries to free Gabriel, he is shot and killed by Tavington, who orders the Martins' house burned and wounded American regulars executed. After the British leave, Benjamin gives his next two eldest sons muskets and they ambush the British unit escorting a shackled Gabriel. Benjamin skillfully, yet brutally, kills many soldiers with his tomahawk. A British survivor tells Tavington of an almost unseen man rapidly killing the soldiers, earning Benjamin the moniker of the "Ghost". Benjamin and Gabriel resolve to fight the British, leaving the younger children in the care of Benjamin's sister-in-law, Charlotte. On their way to the Continental Army's camp, they witness the southern Continental Army under General Horatio Gates engaging the British Army. Having served with the British earlier in his life, Benjamin knows going muzzle to muzzle with the British is foolhardy. Sure enough, the Continentals are easily defeated and flee in disarray....
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