Molson Canada

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  • Published : October 29, 2012
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Molson Canada:

Combine the insights you gained from in-class discussions of privacy and CSR in social media to your analysis of the case, and make a recommendation that answers the following question:

“How could Molson best put the potential of social media to use?”

The problem with Molson and their facebook “Cold Shots Campus Challenge” was the mismatch of values that this campaign express (or at least how the public interpret it) and what historically the brand have promote. That’s why the best thing Molson could do is to make campaigns that are consequent with the Company´s values. SMM is a very good platform to develop their campaigns, even though the first one didn´t work. They were right to think that this is an easy way to achieve the attention of the public they want to get to (19 – 24 year old). Some things Molson could do are:

1) Create contest to obtain user-generated advertising, but this time promoting good values, for example making something related to music, sports or helping the community. It doesn’t have to be related to parties or abusive drinking. This way they can obtain cheaper advertising and be consequent with the values they promote. 2) Promote parties in SM platforms sponsored by them bringing cool bands or DJs. These parties could offer buses to get there from strategic points. This way they are promoting cultural events and partying with responsibility. And of course, the alcohol would be their own. 3) Sports and beer are often hand to hand. Molson could take advantage of this and sponsor local teams. They could make quick games and give tickets to the winner. For example, make a quick contest by twitter or facebook before a game asking what the score would be, or during asking to make a funny comment or something. The price could be tickets for the next game and beer.

There are infinite ways Molson could use SM to promote their products or even to ask the opinion of the consumers about certain new...
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