Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Media Campaign

Topics: Mass media, Media Pages: 3 (842 words) Published: November 20, 2012
CHAU Hong Duc
Table of content
I. Analysis
1. Overview
2. Significant figures
3. Why is it successful?
II. Recommendation
III. References

I. Analysis
1. Overview
Smirnoff Night Life Exchange project is an annual promotion campaign integrates series of nightlife parties, leading to the biggest party in the November each year, along with global dancing competition judged by Madonna. Initiated by Smirnoff – the 1st worldwide vodka brand from 2010, Night Life Exchange reached a huge success in 2011; marked with November 12th 2011 night, with (1)50 countries and 10 million people around the world involved and celebrate the best world’s nightlife. 2. Significant figures (2)

10 million participants
50 countries
3000 tracks of partygoers
5000 “liked” Smirnoff cocktails on Facebook
8000 photos uploaded on Facebook
One of 11 best social media campaigns in 2011 selected by (3) 3. Why is it successful?
In this part, I’ll just discuss on the media’s aspect, which I believe is the major factor leading to its success. Firstly, Smirnoff heavily takes advantages of social media, specifically Facebook fan pages. It created 50 fan pages for each country involved, such as Smirnoff Vietnam, Smirnoff. These pages are altogether connected to the main fan page of Smirnoff with the special application called Around the world, which earns more than 386,000 likes. Fan pages significantly make a huge impact on earning participants for the project. Along the line, they also generate local website in each country to promote the event, to attract people signing up for the event and receiving any ideas for the biggest night, varied from which drinks are suggested, which singers should be put in and so on. On both pages and sites, they put on valuable information about cocktails recipes as well as creating amazing and viral small contests with prizes good enough for calling...
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