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  • Published : August 30, 2012
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VARP Learning Styles
Tatyana Badalova
Family Centered Health Promotion
NRS 429V
Grand Canyon University

August 14, 2012

VARP Learning Styles
VARK is supposed to be used as a helpful guide to distinguish between learning styles, and help promote correct ways for learning to occur. VARK has several different modalities which include Visual, Aural, Read and Write, and Kinesthetic. The VARK learning system was created in 1992 by Neil Fleming and Mills, and it includes a questionnaire. This questionnaire allows people to pick from multiple-choice options, and afterwards will assess the said persons best learning abilities. The VARK system also provides helpful strategies for more productive learning. This essay will address the VARK learning styles, preferred learning strategies, compare preferred learning strategies to the identified strategies of preferred learning style, and finally identify changes to make in study habits. The VARK Learning style has “several types of learning styles, each with its own preferences and specifications for correctly learning material” (Leite, 2010) . These styles include Visual Learning which implements collection and development of information using of information using graphs, maps, charts, and other types of graphically-based communication. Reading and Writing learners can use lists, definitions, handouts, and textbooks as information, and their best learning style in through words, this essay’s author is such a learner. There are also Aural learners who need recordings, lectures, and discussions to facilitate their study habits and abilities. The final learning type is the Kinesthetic learner who learns best by seeing experiments, simulations, and demonstrations. The author’s preferred learning strategies and habits include making an applied effort in any type of class taken. Through experience it is noted that learning can become much easier if the student puts some...
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