Mountain Man Beer Company Case Reco

Topics: Marketing, Advertising, Beer Pages: 3 (1023 words) Published: October 25, 2012
Recommendation for Mountain Man Beer Company (MMB)

Although the launch of a new product is always going to be a risk, banking on the withering demand for a single offering is surely not going to alter the fortunes of the Mountain Man Beer Company. More importantly, light beer is the largest sales opportunity and it is what the market demands, therefore, to introduce the Mountain Man Light can be a gateway necessary for MMB to attract new customers and expand its market. Here are a series of recommendations offering to the company in order to help it successfully launch the Light beer.

First and foremost, it is strongly needed to do additional market research before MMB starts with new product marketing plan. Several issues should be considered: do the younger drinkers (the target market of the Light beer) establish a brand loyalty as they get more experience with drinking? Is it a brand loyalty or just a product loyalty? Would these drinkers evolve into the Lager beer drinkers? Also, more information on different demographic in general accounts. If MMB could find overlapping ground (like time spent with different media, favorite sports, etc.) by comparing the similarities and differences between the groups, it could better plan a campaign that appeals to a wider demographic. Suppose one group tend to read magazine and another group tend to use the Internet, but both groups watch a lot of sports TV programs, then MMB would know where to put more advertising money. Additionally, it is worthwhile to test what the responses were to this idea (launching the Mountain Man Light Beer) in the actual consumer market. Although this would be a little expensive, it would pay off in the long run.

Secondly, the new product itself would have its own characteristics to stand out as compared to competitors in the light beer market. Label would portray a fresh and young image since the target segment is young adults. Bold and vibrant colors could be used to obtain...
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