Mountain Dew

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Mountain Dew Case
1.Based on the case facts - how is Mountain Dew positioned as a brand? What was the role of creative execution/creative concepts in managing the Mountain Dew brand? •Mountain Dew used to be positioned as the hillbilly soft drink. Mountain Dew is positioned as a brand of soft drink for a person who embraces excitement, adventure and fun. As said by its positioning statement, “ To young, active soft-drink consumers who love adventure, Mountain Dew is the soft drink that gives you more energy than any other brand.” Mountain Dew was able to maintain its position well by understanding the consumers by ensuring quality, by introducing ingenuity in products, by enlarging its product base, by keeping economic factors in view and by intense and jazzy advertisements. For me, the role of the creative execution/creative concepts in managing the Mountain Dew brand is to help the company to advertise the brand in a more interesting and creative way. It will also help the company to have an ensuring tangible result as they advertise the Mountain Dew. Likewise, if a creative concepts are good it can overcome low media budgets. 2.The new objective for the 2000 campaign is to expand appeal of Mountain Dew to new users (teens, epicenter at 18) while reinforcing it among current users (20-39 year olds). What are your thoughts on the five creative concepts presented by the ad agency? Which creative concept embodied the brand, as well as addressed the brand’s objective? •The five creative concepts that were presented by the ad agency were really awesome. The ideas that they presented were highly intellectual. I was amaze on how they think because they can still think in a more creative way even if the time that was given to them was limited. I agree to their decision on just getting the best five concepts that they think will help them on promoting the brand Mountain Dew. I suggest that they choose Dew or Die, Mock Opera, and Cheetah. I chose these three ads...
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