Molex Case Study

Topics: International trade, Management, Company Pages: 2 (637 words) Published: February 24, 2011
Global markets engage in an array of arenas. For Molex the challenges do not fall short. There are many advantages and disadvantages which include, but are not limited to: culture, government, taxes, lifestyle management, and costs. In the following paragraphs this manufacturer of electronics will be examined to review its global operations.

Legality, culture, and ethics are a high priority for its success of being in the market for over 70 years. Today it holds presence in 21 countries employing 16,000 employees. The legal systems which impact their human resources and operations have various standards and adhering to each is an important standard for the company. Documentation and up-to-date information is a critical component. This is illustrated in its human resources and company operations. Culturally and ethically there are many different values and interpretations. Remaining sensitive to different norms and values is a constant. The company demonstrates this well, by moving employees around the world.

Host governments play a major role for Molex operations. It is a known fact that, historically governments have long been involved in setting and policing the framework for international trade and investment (Alexander & Warwick, 2007, p 180). How they encourage exports influences the ease of operations for the company. It is imperative that Molex takes sensitivity and a high regard to host governments so that their contribution to the local markets is positively perceived. The main driver for host governments is to experience a boost in economic trade, employment, and so forth. If foreign investors do not provide benefits for the country than there really is no motive to support its existence. However if the presence is well received, a government’s role, provides facility for effective functioning of markets by providing a stable macroeconomic framework, an effective framework of corporate governance and commercial law and, at a micro level, supply-side...
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