Moffett Engineering Ltd:

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Moffett Engineering Ltd:

Discuss the strategic options open to Moffett Engineering in segmenting their international markets and how these options have a profound influence on market strategies

Moffett Engineering Ltd’s long term strategy plan is put by Jacinta McMahon, Moffett’s marketing administrator as: “The challenge is to create the Moffett Mounty as an internationally well known and respected brand name with a clear corporate identity” Moffett Engineering wants to enter the Eastern European market and expand its market share in the USA. Expansion of current Markets

One option open to Moffett Engineering is to expand on their current markets. They are already well established in the UK and Germany and cementing their market share in these countries is crucial to the companies continued success. Moffett Engineering is already dominant in the agriculture material handling niche market so it is in their best interests to become and remain the world leaders in this niche. Moffett Engineering are continually improving and upgrading their products based on customer feedback. Their product design is based on two principles: 1. Customer requirements

2. Identification of potential new uses
An example of this would be the adaptation of the Moffett Mounty for the poultry industry. Moffett worked closely with Monaghan Poultry Products to develop a Mounty that could be used in their Poultry containers. Moffett have also formed a Research and Development company. This new R & D Company along with Moffett’s history of working and designing alongside their customers presents them with a unique opportunity to offer customised products to their customers. This would give Moffett a strong competitive advantage and reduce their reliance on the standard Moffett Mounty. This approach will also help the company retain a competitive edge should another company produce a product similar to the Mounty. The Moffett Mounty is being used by all types of Industries...
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