Module C 'Tom Brennan' Essay

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  • Published : September 19, 2012
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Mod C - Into the World - Tom Brennan
Module C - Into the World 2009 HSC Question

Q: Individuals venturing into new experiences may encounter obstacles, but may also gain significant rewards. Do you agree with this perspective?

Into the world explores the aspects of growth, transition and a broader world. (definition) Through personal experiences, people are able to learn, grow or change as an individual. It is true that although an individual venturing into something new may experience obstacles, the most important thing is how they choose to respond. If they face the obstacle as something to be overcome then they will reap significant rewards (thesis). ‘The Story of Tom Brennan’ by J.C Burke explores the ways that individuals grow when they are taken out of their comfort and venture into new experiences. (link to question)

‘The Story of Tom Brennan’ by J.C Burke depicts the chaos that follows a fatal car accident and how it thrusts individuals into a new world. The novel follows the response of Tom Brennan in relation to an accident and his journey to overcome his past and learn to adapt to his new world. Tom’s way of looking at life is completely altered after the accident, “ … Daniels blue Falcon up on a side against a tree, the front tyre spinning, everything I thought I knew about who I was and who the Brennans were changed forever”. The use of first person narrative gives the audience insight into Tom’s realization that he has indeed found himself heading into a ‘new experience’ and a new world. The visual imagery of the car smashed beyond recognition symbolizes this break with the world that he once knew.

The following paragraphs have been organized according to the PETAL analytical form. The topic sentences have been given to you as a clue to what should follow. The ideas have been grouped according to themes in the novel. They allow you to look for quotes that have the following techniques in them. Foreshadowing, Symbolism, Recurring...
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