Module of Online Hotel Management System

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  • Published : August 14, 2013
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This project Online Hotel Management System is to design a web based system. Which facilitates online reservation of hotel accommodations from anywhere in the world. In this project there are two modules. They are:- 1.Customer Module

1.1.The Customer Module is divided into two sub modules.
1.1.1.Customer Booking Module Customer Booking Module provides an interface to the user to view of all facilities and their corresponding costs available in that selected hotel room. This module allows the user to select facilities and service of this hotel and allows him to submit a reservation. on the choice made by the user, the system will displays an invoice from regarding bills, and ask the user to proceeds the payment mode. 1.1.2.Customer Services Module Services Module provides few services to the customer who has already reserved his accommodation with the system. They are check the confirmed reservation, print out the confirmed reservation status, modify the reservation details like check-in date, check-out date, number of rooms, room type and cancel the reservation. 2.Management Module

2.1.The Management Module also divided into two sub modules. 2.1.1.Front Desk Module Desk module provides some functions for front desk admin can easily use the system to help customers check-in, check-out, auto count out payment of customer and add-on service for customer if they need. 2.1.2.Hotel Admin Module Admin Module enables the hotel admin to enlist the hotel status with the system, to check the list of orders booked in his hotel, modify the number of rooms and etc. And also allow admin to generate reports.
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