Related Literature on Hotel Systems

Topics: KIU System, Indian reservation Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: July 4, 2012
Title: Hotel Reservation System

Author: Arlene Mercado,

Date Published: 05/14/2010
Objective: This study aims to solve the problems encountered and to change the manual reservation. Specific Objectives
1. To increase the security between the management and staff. 2.To lessen time consume.
3.To highly integrate data.
4.To spend less time in searching and retrieving of files.5.To create a back up of files in every successful transaction.6.To become make easier to find the availability rooms.


Author: Hotelogix,

Date Published: 03/14/2008

Objective: They were looking to replace the existing system in New York, for smoother operations. Essentially, the challenge for THINK Properties, were that they looked for a flexible system that could handle reservations from both web booking engine and Frontdesk. They needed a Web Booking system that was easy to handle the reservation system well. Mark also says, “Switching was incredibly easy and quick. We were able to load our entire inventory and set rates within 24 hours. Within a few days our card processing was set up.” Initially they looked into expensive older and traditional systems, they were extremely expensive and difficult to access remotely, thus not feasible. Also, they did look into some other online options, which were detailed, however seemed to be lacking user friendliness. Think Properties needed a solution that could handle their complex booking style while remaining ‘user friendly’ and ‘easy to adapt.’ Our smooth Web Booking reservation engine handled group bookings and offered multiple packages, it also gave the efficient PMS, thus increasing the hotel operations effectively.


Author: Amanda Ildefonso, BS IT, TUP

Date Published: 06/23/08

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