Module 7 Esl 533n (Gcu)

Topics: United Kingdom, Language acquisition, Language proficiency Pages: 4 (1150 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Assessments Talafuse 1.

Kimberly Talafuse
Grand Canyon University
ELL Assessment
January 30, 2013

Assessment Talafuse 2.

Abstract: This paper is to inform the reader about procedures that distinguish English Language learners. There are steps that are followed when teachers and administrators define an ELL student. The individual must be 3to 21 years old and enrolled in an elementary or secondary school. The student must also be from another country or speaking a language that is not English and have difficulty speaking, reading, writing or understanding English. The student also must not be able to meet the state’s proficiency level of achievement. After reading this you will gain some knowledge of the ELL students.

AssessmentsTalafuse 3.

During the procedure of producing an ELL student, there are steps that are taken to ensure the student will get the services he or she needs. A test must be administered before anyone can be labeled as an ELL student. While working with students who were struggling to speak, write and read English, I found out that it is illegal to put a bilingual aide or paraprofessional in charge of a classroom. Certified teachers must supervise the students. The NCLB Act requires that all teachers in language instructed education programs must be fluent in English. This may seem like a natural process but not all teachers are fluent in a second language, such as Spanish.

When determining if a student should be classified for ELL services, the state and the schools are responsible for testing the ELL students in both reading and math and held accountable for the results. When referring to ELL, there are other terms that are used such as English as a Second Language (ESL), Limited English Proficient (LEP), and English for Speakers of other languages. In order for a school district to...
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