Anotated Bibliography No Child Left Behind

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  • Published : April 2, 2012
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Levente Vizi
Professor Di Gloria
ENC 1101 T2 137
25 March 2012
Annotated Bibliography
What the paper "What's Missing from No Child Left Behind? A Policy Analysis from a Social Work Perspective." argues is that the No Child Left Behind bill might not be accomplishing its purpose. Moreover, the paper sheds light on the social and emotional risk factors that prevent students from succeeding in school. In the end, the article suggests that school social workers are capable of eliminating these barriers by applying in school interventions to address the psychosocial factors that highlight the difference in achievement at school. School social workers are also capable of advocating for an education policy change that looks beyond test scores and help at risk students succeed in school. Works Cited

Lagana-Riordan, Christine, and Jemel P. Aguilar. "What's Missing From No Child Left Behind? A Policy Analysis From A Social Work Perspective." Children & Schools 31.3 (2009): 135-144. Academic Search Complete. Web. 25 Mar. 2012. This article reports the results found by a national survey taken by the state, about the national impact of the No Child Left Behind bill. Results indicate that in between 2001 and 2005 statewide assessment of science and writing increased but it decreased in the social studies, arts, humanities, and computers. The research teams found that there are few themes that come up at almost every school. The first, which is an obvious one, is that for subjects that are not tested for under the No Child Left Behind bill, the schools reduced their resources and the effort that the school puts into these areas dropped. Second, is an interesting method because they take material away from tested subjects and integrating them into the classes that are not tested for. Just so the teachers that are going to be tested have more time to focus on the testing material. The last theme is that there is no change observed, everything seems to be the same as...
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