Modern Communication, on the One Hand Bring People Closer and on the Other, Tend to Isolate Them. Show the Truth of This Statement

Topics: Communication, Mobile phone, Nonviolent Communication Pages: 3 (922 words) Published: October 10, 2010
Modern communication, on the one hand bring people closer and on the other, tend to isolate them. Show the truth of this statement._GP_890
One human dream was always to overcome distance, to increase speed, and to make all parts of his planets within easy reach. This dream has become true today. The modern forms of communications have made our planet smaller in a sense so that the term global village is fully justified. Today countries have become a series of villages through play to our primitive instinct of wanderlust. We can crisscross the world and please the nomad in us. We can also contact others within minutes, sometimes within through the marvels of information technology.

There is no doubt therefore that these modern, efficient forms of communication bring people closer. Air travel has brought a revolution in human communications. It has destroyed the geographical nation of isolation and remoteness. The most remote island, for e.g. Easter Island has now become a centre of tourism. The idea that traveling by air is the best has its justification in the fact that aircraft can take loads of tourists and other travelers from one point of the globe to another within hours. People enjoy the change of scenery, climate, and social environment. Trade, industry and politics have also change. Industrial and agricultural products can be carried from one part of the world to another, satisfying the needs and tastes of millions of people. Stake men can meet anywhere within a few hours to discuss matters of global importance.

If the aeroplane, the motorcar and the high speed train take people to distant experiences and allow greater human interactions, televisions and satellites bring distant experiences to their own homes – thus bridging distances. Electronics have thus added a new exciting dimension to the human needs for experience and communication. Today, we enter the era of world television. Satellites can bring in real time clear pictures of events taking...
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