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Reflective journal writing has been recognized by educators for many years as an effective strategy to promote reflective thinking and learning. It is by making connections between ourselves and our experiences that we create meaning and internalize our learning. Human beings, by their nature, are "connection makers" and "meaning makers". Our experience always consists of "what happens" and then "what we make of what happens". There is "what is and is not" (what can be directly observed or experienced) and then there is what we change by adding, deleting, distorting and generalizing. Although we may seek to be "objective" and describe what we can actually "observe", being "objective" is just one way we organize our "subjective" experience. Reflective learning journals enable us to create a record of the connections and meanings we are making as we engage in learning experiences. They are very personal and no two people will have exactly the same response to any one experience. If done conscientiously, your reflections in your Personal Reflective Learning Journal will be among the most important things you will have learned when the Course comes to closure.A Reflective Learning Journal is required in this course to facilitate your introspection (thought and feelings) and to enrich your critical thinking and learning. Each person’s Journal is unique and there is no correct or incorrect response expected. You will be graded on the evidence of reflective thought given and the quality of your response, not the quantity. There is an expectation on my part that your Journal will demonstrate that you expanded upon your initial experience and observation of events to include more than simply recording an event. Remember that there is an event you participate in AND what you make of the event.The file below will really help you understand what the journal should include and how to write it. Take a few minutes to read through this before you start...Examples of Reflection Journal (200 pts)Please note, that while originality is welcome, the following requirements must be met for full points:What to Include In Your JournalMinimally, you are to include reflective personal responses to the following events in your PersonalReflective Learning Journal:- Any two ideas from each chapter in your textbook.- Personal experiences or thoughts about the topic- Thoughts on at least One Critical Thinking question at the end of each chapter.- A current event that relates to the content of each chapter. |

My personal reflective learning Journal creates an outline of every chapter in our environmental science textbook. Each of the 17 chapters two interests from each chapter were picked thoughts and experiences talked about. The critical thinking question I decided to use in each chapter depended on personal interests. The following paper will create an outline of facts, ideas, interests, and experiences. Following each chapter a current event that relates to the topics within the section.

Chapter 1
Section 1-1
Environmental science is a study of connections in nature
1.The first part of this section caught my interest with a quote by Albert Einstein on his outlook what the environment is “The environment is everything that isn’t me". The definition of the environment is everything living or nonliving (air, water, and energy) around us. I believe Albert Einstein's definition of environment says it all with the least amount of words. 2.Developing an understanding of how we humans interact with our environment, the long and short term affects is the job of Environmental Science. The data extracted from individual studies helped develop new understanding and creative ideas for us humans to live on this earth without endangering important wildlife, ecosystems, help keep important resources healthy and a well-rounded understanding of...
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