Accg 399

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ACCG 399: Issues in Accounting Theory and Practice

ACCG 399 Developing a Reflective Capacity Guidance
Developing a reflective capacity – Independent Study Activities to assist you in the completion of your reflective learning logs and essays. Introduction A central aim of this unit is to provide you with an opportunity to develop your reflective capacity. What do we mean by the term “reflective capacity"? It means that you have the ability, and most importantly, the willingness, to reflect. Reflection is a form of thinking - about some event or experience with a view to changing how we might act, react or generally learn from that experience. You might realise that you could have interpreted a situation differently or could have done something more effectively. This awareness may lead to a change in what you do, or how you see things, in the future. Clearly, this is a capacity that we would expect all professionals to develop. The learning log We expect you to keep a learning log during the course. The purpose of the learning log is to give you the time and space to reflect on your learning during the module. This guidance handout provides you with a series of activities to help you ‘get started’. We would expect that as you develop your reflective capacity you will become more self-aware, self-critical, and open to change. You may find that your motivation changes as a result of reflection - you may be surprised at how much you are learning, and this may encourage you to experiment and learn yet more. Activity 1: Week 1 – Setting up your learning log In order to work out the best way to do this, you need to know what we expect you to do. As a bare minimum we suggest that you write in your log once a week: reflecting on • • • the lecture the tutorial; and on any group or individual study activities.

You will probably want to jot down immediate thoughts and reflections, during classes or independent study, while it is fresh in your mind. But you will also want to sit down at home and write in a more leisurely way too. So you’ll probably find it easiest to use a loose-leaf A4 file/folder. This means that you can insert pieces of paper as and when you wish. Head up each reflection with the date and time, and your location. Leave a blank space, or column, on each page, so that you can go back a few days or weeks later, and add in any extra reflections.


ACCG 399: Issues in Accounting Theory and Practice

Start writing – now! The learning outcomes for this unit are located in the course outline. Read them through now. And now make your first entries into your learning log. Do the learning outcomes make sense to you? Can you understand what they mean? Can you see how they relate to the activities in lectures and workshops and independent study? Write down any questions that you might have about these learning outcomes. You can raise these questions with the lecturer, tutor or fellow students when you next see them. You can also return to these later in the module and track your progress. Where do I start? What might you write about? Here is a list of possibilities (please note in no way are these meant to be all inclusive, allow your imagination and creativity to take precedence): Often it may be useful to reflect on a specific event: • • • • describing the event or experience asking yourself how it made you feel asking yourself how you responded to the event or experience asking yourself how you might respond to a similar event in the future – what would you do differently?

Issues, difficulties and confusions: • • • identify difficulties or confusions that you are experiencing work out how to deal with these difficulties identify how you might have avoided a difficulty/confusion

Getting more out of activities: • • • identify how you might have made more of a particular event or situation identify what you enjoy about the module/activity work out how you can get more out of the module/activity

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