Mock Trial

Topics: Crime, Court, Argumentative Pages: 1 (433 words) Published: January 25, 2013
Mock Trial was a great experience for me since it was my first time doing it in my life. My role was an officer called, Officer Low. Officer Low has been on the local police force for eight and a half years. I think my role was not easy because I had to memorize all my lines in order to answer the lawyer’s question. Also, I had to know where the offender Wally Brogue was standing and where the radio, beer and marijuana were on the diagram of David Benning’s and Sara Volsky’s apartment. Plus, I had to be careful and think a lot before I answered the lawyers question because any mistake is a problem. I realized that the lawyers are picky and tricky. For instance, when I told Mr. Allen that the .06 alcohol in his blood is above the limit, he told me it was.08 and back then it was .08 but now it is .05. Therefore, I mistaken and I felt really ashamed because I should know that since I’m an officer. Also, when Mr. Allen asked to question me on the second day of the trail, he started saying, “Yesterday you did not say that Sandra Volsky’s told you that that the assailant might be still in the building.” I am sure I did. However, I did enjoy my role because I always wanted to witness something since I was young. I feel like when I witness an offender I help the court identify if the person is guilty or not. When the lawyers interviewed me, I was told to not mention few things unless the other lawyers ask about it. Also, the crown lawyers warned me to not lie and to be honest and just answer the question without giving much detail because they wanted to use a things to argue it lot of .I thought Sandra Volsky did will on her role because she gave right evidences and she tried to proof that Brogue killed David. She also seemed sad about her boyfriend’s death and looked innocent. Wally Brogue did a good job offending himself and I liked his enthusiasm during the trial. For example, Wally was laughing and said to the lawyer twice, “Do you think I read people’s mind?” The...
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