Minnoesota V. Ronald Riff

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Minnesota v. Ronald Riff
The court cast of Minnesota v. Riff has different types of communication involved, and is very complex. Both oral and written communication is presented in this case. This paper will be discuss that will be involved with defense, witnesses, prosecution, and the judge. Guidelines will also be discuss, due to every trail that involve with the mention above is very important.

In this case, the prosecuting attorney are to communications orally and also in writing. The prosecutor main goal is to prove to both the judge and jury that the defendant is in guilty. The prosecutor opening the statement of Riff did knowingly commit the crime of breaking, and burglary on September 30, 2011 between 12:10am and 12:20 am orally to the judge and jury. The incident located at the Marquette’s Market on 1234 Main St. Midtown, Minnesota 44333, which the owner of the market is known as Speedy Marquette. It the prosecutor choice to share his/her witnesses including all evidence with the defense attorney before trail begins and to present evidence against the defendant to both jury and the judge. “All witnesses in this case include: Otis Ripple, Soapy Water, Marty Martini, C. Sharp, Betty Bitty, Rusty Fender, Guido Concertino, and the arresting officer are orally examined by the prosecution, and then the defense.” (Curran, P. & Strauch, G.). When prosecutor finish presented their parts, then it’s a choice for the defense to present their part of evidence. The prosecutor has choices of whether to examine all the defense witnesses to set straight all their statements, and to make sure that the defense is being guilty. The defendant witnesses include: Red Chips, Ace Harte, Jacques, Orbedder, Vibes Blare, Sally Slick, Matilda Slick and Gigi Gig have all been questioned by their defense attorney. Now that the defense has finish point out their statement and all of the witness are being examined and crossed, and all evidence has been presented both orally and in written Police Report3

for to the judge and jury. This is where the closing statement will take place to make the final statement to both the judge and jury before they make final decision.
The defense attorney main goal in this case is to represent Riff, who is the main defendant in this burglary case. The defense attorney job is to challenge the prosecutor charges with challenges of what the prosecution witnesses saw on the scene. Defense attorney another job is to convince the jury to believe that his client Ronald Riff did not commit a crime that was charge against. The defense attorney start opening the statement orally after the prosecutor finishes their statement. When the defense attorney start to examines and question the prosecutor witnesses of what they have said, the defense try to crack in one of the testimonies. The reason for the defense attorney doing this is because to test to see if the prosecutor witnesses if they are lying or just plain being confused as to what saw on the scene. Once the defense attorney finish with the prosecutor witnesses, the defense will now then presents his/her witnesses. In this case for the defense an attorney witness is to make Riff stating he is totally innocent on this case. The DA needs to make sure that all his witnesses make the story sound credible, and to state their stories correct to the best of his/her knowledge. When everything is completed with the witness statement, both the prosecution and the defense attorney have their closing arguments to make to both the judge and jury. The defense attorney goes after when the prosecutor, which this is where both are trying to encourage the jury to find their client innocent to the best of their knowledge.

Witnesses are known as a person that sees and have knowledge of the case that they were involved in at the time of matter. Being a witness can help or hurt the defendant in either way.

Police Report4
Both the prosecutor and defense...
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