Mobilization of Deposits

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“Mobilization of deposits
in banking system of Pakistan”

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Ma’am Bushra
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Muhammad Mumtaz
Tayyab Sultan
Muhammad Sohail Zafar
Farhan Ahmed


Thanks to Almighty ALLAH who had made us able to complete this project with the true knowledge.

Special thanks are due to our respected teacher Ma’am Bushra Zulfiqar who have shown us the right way to go for our project to success and enlightened our mind with the tips and guidance to think creatively. We are thankful to our friends, who help us a lot during this course of project.

Table of content:

1) Deposit-------------------------------------------------------------------------------4 2) Current Accounts-------------------------------------------------------------------4 3) HBL Freedom Account------------------------------------------------------------4 4) HBL Business Value Account----------------------------------------------------4 5) Term Accounts----------------------------------------------------------------------5 6) HBL Advantage Account----------------------------------------------------------5 7) Investment Plus Deposit--------------------------- --------------------------------5 8) Savings Accounts-------------------------------------------------- -----------------5 9) PLS – Savings Account-------------------------------------------------------------6 10) Remittance Munafa Plus Savings Account---------------------------------------6 11) Foreign Currency Accounts---------------------------------------------------------7 12) Mobilization of deposits-------------------------------------------------------------8 13) HBL Car Loan------------------------------------------------------ ------------------8 14) HBL Car To Car-----------------------------------------------------------------------9 15) HBL Credit Card---------------------------------------------------------------------10 16) HBL Home Loan---------------------------------------------------------------------11 17) HBL INVESTMENT BANKING----------------------------------- --------------13 18) HBL Zarai Banking------------------------------------------------------------------14 19) MCB Islamic banking------------------------------------------------------- --------17 20) Al-Makhraj Saving Account--------------------------------------------------- -----17 21) IANAT Account-----------------------------------------------------------------------18 22) Al Makhraj Term Deposit------------------------------------------------------------20 23) Ijarah------------------------------------------------------------------------------------20 24) Murabahah------------------------------------------------------------------------------21 25) Diminishing Musharika Equipment-------------------------------------------------21


Banks generally adopt following strategies to mobilize their Deposits in two categories 1-       Demand Deposits which are payable to the owner on demand i.e Savings Accounts Current Account etc. 2-       Time Deposits. These are Fixed Deposit for various tenors ranging from month to 10 years and are payable at maturity.  

* Banks accept Deposits from institutions like Government institutions, public ltd and Private limited companies and Trusts etc. * Banks accept Deposits from general public by launching various Deposit schemes catering the needs of every segment of society and offer attractive Profit rates on these schemes. * For example HBL offers HBL Money club Account to kids up to the age of 18 and offer ATM Card (with restricted Limit) and attractive Profit Rates up to 7.55% to attract the youngsters who will subsequently prefer to maintain their Account with HBL till life time. * For Businessmen who frequently transfer money to and from...
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