Mobile Security

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Mobile Smart Phone Security (HW 1)
Due Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Learning objective: identify security controls for mobile smartphone devices.

Security Scenario

Imagine that you own a smartphone (iphone with iOS or another phone with an Android OS). There have been many occasions where you would have liked to make purchases or conduct mobile banking using your smartphone, but you are concerned its security. You have decided to research the security provided on your phone, as well as the security apps available that could further strengthen your smartphone’s security.


Note: If you have a smartphone, use that smartphone as the basis of your research for this assignment. If you do not have a smartphone, pick a smartphone to research: either an iPhone or an Android device.

* State the name and version of your smartphone hardware and the operating system (O/S) version of your smartphone.

* Consult the user manual and view the settings for your smart phone and In approximately 2 sentences, briefly summarize the security features that come with (i.e., are built into, or come pre-installed on) your smartphone.

* For this assignment, you are to identify a security technology for your smartphone for each of the requirements in the table below. In general, when searching for technological solutions, consult reputable sources. Enter your answers directly in the table. (Delete the rest of the instructions on this page.)

Requirement| Security Technology*| Brief Description**|
1. An anti-virus software that has automatic updates| | | 2. An anti-spyware software | | |
3. Encryption of email stored on your smartphone| | | 4. Encryption of data transmission (e.g., using SSL VPN)| | | 5. Password management and encryption on your smartphone| | | 6. Delete/clear cache stored on your smartphone***| | | 7. Remote wipe data on your smartphone (e.g., if lost)| | |

* The...
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