Mobile Phone Recycling

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  • Published : February 8, 2011
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The Recycling of Mobile Devices
The recycling of mobile devices including cell phones, smart phones and laptop computers has rapidly increased with the ever-changing wireless technology and communication advances. The partnership of all major mobile carriers to create a safer environment for mobility and data transmission has taken into account all aspects of one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Through the science of mobile device recycling, consumers are able to submit their retired cell phones into a buyback program for monetary value or donation to a philanthropic organization while reducing the security risk that stored data on these devices carry, as well as reducing the amount of toxins released into the environment by improper disposal.

Outdated or unused phones create clutter and unnecessary waste. Mobile phones are retired at an astounding rate as many devices are upgraded every 12-24 months. Those retired devices pile up on desks, in drawers and closets. Many businesses report their employees have two or three old phones each in their office desks. Some mobile phones, especially smart phones such as Blackberry, iPhone and other PDA-type devices, and laptops, retain excellent value. Companies are able to enter into a buyback program to allow for free recycling and share the value of the devices with their employees. Through many government sponsored programs, schools across the country are able to use funds obtained by recycling their phones for programs that don’t raise enough funds such as library and literacy programs, art and drama and science labs. An organization also has the option of donating any funds received to a sponsored charity such as “Give Them a Voice.” This cause was created to give a cellular device to women of domestic violence who seek solace in community shelters.

Smartphones are like any other computer and can contain gigabytes of sensitive information such as emails, passwords and contact...
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