Mobile Network Operator and Mobile Service Provider

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  • Published : June 11, 2012
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Oldest Telecommunication Company
1988 witnessed the dynamic birth of Celcom, a leading mobile telecommunications provider in Malaysia. Since its inception, Celcom has steadily made its presence felt in the Malaysian market. It has, always continued to spread its wings and is undeterred by the dynamic nature of the mobile communication industry. Celcom is the first mobile company in Malaysia and in the region to offer Easy GPRS to its customers. Easy GPRS is an automatic and seamless activation of GPRS settings with just one simple SMS. Another first is the SIMcard Rescue, a service that enables customers to back up their contacts in the SIMcard without worrying about losing their valuable contacts during cases of phone/SIMcard damage, handset lost, etc. Currently, this company serves around 8.8 million customers around the world. Being the oldest and most experienced amongst the three, celcom has many competitive advantages against its major rivals Digi and Maxis. They currently posses the highest trend in the market share, giving the highest coverage, many products features and having the highest customer size in the Malaysian market. They are applying many future strategies to maintain their position as the market leader in the Malaysian market like niche marketing, business package development, intercontinental and international service expansion Services Provider

Celcom is the country's most experienced and premier mobile telecommunications company and offers the widest coverage in the country covering 98.8% of the populated areas. Celcom has ongoing investments in network coverage, capacity and performance, and intends to maintain its technology leadership and position as the country's best mobile service provider. Celcom's core business is in providing prepaid and postpaid mobile voice services. Its strong growth has been further supplemented by the growing data services segment and mobile broadband business, making it...
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