Mobile Computing and Devices

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  • Published : December 15, 2012
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Mobile Computing and Devices
Arlett Garvin
Computer Literacy 103
Instructor LaMeika Gupton
September 6, 2012

Mobile Computing and Devices
The term Mobile Computing is the use of computing devices while in transit. Mobile Computing is both old and new. This research paper will provide history and a brief source of the origins of mobile computing. This paper will also cover various types of devices used to process and transmit information from remote locations to other remote or fixed locations which is known today as mobile computing. This research will explore the growth of mobile computing devices and consider where this technology may lead us in the future. The experiment with wireless communications began in 1886. Heinrich Hertz (1854-1894) a professor of physics set up two circuits; the first circuit, containing a small space between the ends, was connected to a high source of voltage. With the voltage remaining high, a spark jumps back and forth across the gap. The second circuit that Heinrich experimented with was a conductor. The conductor was formed into a circle with small gaps between it ends. During this experiment Hertz noticed that when a spark was produced at the first circuit, which was connected to the high voltage, the second circuit, the conductor, also produced a spark. Hertz observed that the sparks were being produced while the circuits were away from each other and there was nothing connecting the circuits. In the event the spark from the first circuit was carried and transited, this allowed the second circuit to receive the signal. The energy from the first circuit was carried to the second circuit by the electromagnetic waves. Hertz proved that electricity can be transmitted in electromagnetic waves that traveled at the speed of light. His experiments led to the development of the wireless telegraph and the radio. His name also became the term used for radio and electrical frequency: hertz (Hz). Guglielmo Marconi (1871-1937) learned the theories of Hertz. Whereas Heinrich Hertz provided wireless transmission within his laboratory, Marconi librated wireless from the laboratory and delivered it to the world. After performing many demonstrations in 1897 Marconi patented his wireless. In 1998 Guglielmo Marconi was the founder of Wireless Telegraph and Signal Company Limited. Marconi’s success drove him further his experiments with electromagnetic waves. In 1913 he introduced radio wave reception and transmission exceedingly efficient. It was Marconi’s theory that laid the foundation of today’s radio communication and computing system. Today telephone, radio and satellites are wireless, making mobile computing available through the use of electromagnetic waves. Today wireless networks use wireless fidelity technology, the term we refer to as Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is known as the technology which allows devices to switch data wire free using radio waves or over an internet network. Wi-Fi provides network coverage to homes, offices, schools, public places, and small workplaces. In a designated area, a wireless access point device is used to provide wire free network coverage. Another form of wireless networks is called Wireless Interoperability for Microwave Access technology (Wi-Max). A higher bandwidth and high data security is provided by Wi-Max. Wi-Max is the generation of wireless that transmits data at a maximum networking speed. Wi-Max purpose is to ensure that the broadband wireless radios manufactured for client use interoperate from merchant to merchant. The main advantages of the Wi-Max standard are to enable the acceptance of advanced radio features in a consistent fashion and reduce costs for all of the radios made by companies. Mobile computing refers to the use of small portable computing devices. These devices enable networks that provide wireless connection. These devices we know as laptops, PC notebooks, IPods, e-readers, I Pads, cell phones and other handheld devices. A...
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